Alan Rickman at the Giffoni Film Festival [2014] [x]

Alan Rickman in the short film Dust [2013] [x]

Alan Rickman at the Giffoni Film Festival 


Interpretation of facial expressions according to my imagination :-)

Photo 1: The moment where he sees Rima sitting in the audience (sweet smile, “Ah, there you are”).
Photo 2: The ‘listening’ face (Rima is obviously pointing someting out).
Photo 3: The ‘thumbs up’ sign (“I understand you and I see where I’m supposed to be sitting and endure watching myself”).
Photo 4: The shared chuckle (“Told you they would show film fragments! Yeah, I will remain gracious”).


alan rickman like a diva…..sincerely i think that in this photos he is a diva!


Video 2 of Alan Rickman at Giffoni. 

(Starts really loud). Arrival for the Jury Q&A and the “tribute” video they did for him, with his reaction to it (“That was horrible.”) Check out the waves at 3:40. :D


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“First of all - you play people, not good people or bad people.
It’s for you (the audience) to judge, not me.
I cannot play somebody if I judge them.”

— Alan Rickman (at Giffoni Film Festival, when he was asked about why directors keep selecting him to play villains)


Alan was asked for a quote from Harry Potter.

He first says “I hate doing quotes.”  Then “Well, just one word from the films.”  

(Everyone expects “Always”)


Seeing an extremely attractive person: